Welcome to Nazmainian!!

I’m currently doing some renovations to switch the site from one detailing my homebrew world of Asgoth to more of a personal interest site. For one I’ve just moved to my new domain (nazmainian.com) leaving the old (Asgoth.net) behind, though all of my Asgoth information remains in the Asgoth area of the site.

Going forward I hope to add content for some of my favorite games like D&D 5e, Star Wars (FFG), and Strat-O-Matic Baseball to name a few. I’m sure my Green Bay Packers (I can say my Green Bay Packers because I’m part owner….1 part in a few hundred thousand) will make an appearance along with the Cubbies. I’m sure many other games and endeavors will catch my interest as I move forward as well.

Anyway, stay tuned….here’s hoping it won’t be a solo ride 🙂